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Alltel Wireless

Alltel operates America's largest wireless network,which delivers voice and advanced data services nationwide to 12 million customers. Alltel is also a Forbes 500 company with annual revenues of nearly $8 billion. Choose who you call for free- any number, any network. Your Circle isn't about millions of people you don't know, it's about keeping in touch with the people who matter most. With My Circle, exclusively from Alltel, you choose who you call for free-any ten numbers, any network. Just pick ten wireless, home or office numbers-anywhere in the U.S. and you'll get unlimited calls to and from your Circle members for free on select plans. You stay connected or we pay you back - At Alltel, we strive to make sure every call stays connected. That's why you'll get an automatic one-minute credit for any call dropped on the Alltel network. You don't even have to call us. That's how confident we are in the Alltel network. Designed to give you the best call quality possile, it's a network you can count on. It's all about flexibility-Think you should be able to change plans when you need to? We couldn't agree more. We understand that sometimes you just need to make a change. You're using more minutes than you thought you would. You've gotten married. You've changed jobs. Whatever the reason, you won't have to extend your contract. Just let us know. It's that easy. We just want what's best for you.

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Mobile & cellular phones, phone accessories, wireless service, PDAs, and U Prepaid.

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Samsung; Nokia; LG; PalmONe; RIM blackberry; Audiovox; Kyocera; Motorola; UTStarcom; Pantech



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