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Tips on how to "Perfectly" ask
that Perfect Girl to the Prom

  • Be Clear And Direct. Come right out and ask her, "Would you like to go to the Prom with me?" Dropping hints or skirting the issue can cause uncomfortable moments for both of you.
  • If You Get A No . . . Either choose another girl to ask or make other plans with a friend or a group. If she doesn't give you a direct answer tell her you'll ask her for a final answer in a couple of days. That way you stay in charge and you're not left in limbo!
  • Don't Ask In Front Of Her Friends Or Yours! This is between you and your prospective date. Besides -- some girls are easier to talk to when they're away from their friends. Ask either when you have a private moment together or over the telephone after school.
  • Do not write her a note or ask through a friend. Asking for a date is hard (that's for sure!) and rejection can be hard, but asking through a friend or by a note basically says you have no confidence, which is a turn-off.
  • Asking By Phone: Have a short lead-in conversation first before asking. Jot down a couple of light topics to discuss, such as a homework assignment or an activity you both have in common. But get to the point in under 5 or 10 minutes before she gets restless. It's not going to get any easier, so just do it!
  • Don't Say "Maybe" Or "Probably." Either you're asking her or you're not. She might get so irritated with you that she won't go even if you make up your mind later on!
  • Don't Wait Until The Last Minute! If you're only procrastinating out of fear, an earlier, more confident guy might snag your girl! Most girls need at least two weeks notice so they can shop for a dress. If you're in a relationship or it's assumed you are taking a certain someone, you can ask even a month in advance.
  • Get Creative! If you like to do things a little differently, get creative! Write a song or poem, strum the guitar, mime it, or bring flowers. Do something unique that reflects your personality and makes her feel special ... after all, girls love to feel special, so if you can do that, you've probably won half the battle! Good luck!

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